Speaking English?

I offer coaching in German and English regarding various topics like conflict management and personal or professional development.
Since it is not always possible to meet in person, I also use videotooling (like Zoom or Skype) – not only for my international clients.

If you are interested, please get in touch.

Systemic coaching

As a systemic coach I help highlighting the coachee’s skills to empower them to find a suitable and reachable solution.
I also assist other coaches and teams in their personal and professional development.

Mediation and conflict management

As a mediator I support individuals and groups who no longer feel able to find a conflict resolution.
My goal is to help others to “get better” in these tense situations – or preferably give them tools do help themselves.

Workshops and trainings

I offer trainings regarding topics like conflict management, digitalization and cultural change, and self-organization and leadership. If you are interested in an inhouse-training, please get in touch.

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